Tax Exemption Checklist

The attached checklist and questionnaire can be used to accumulate information necessary to prepare your exemption application.  The same checklist can generally be used whether applying for exemption under IRC Section 501(c)(4) or 501(c)(7).

While this checklist will help you accumulate the documents you need, and the questionnaire will help guide you to find the correct information you will need to respond to questions on the exemption application, Form 1024.

However, bear in mind that properly filling out the exemption application is an art, that requires both knowledge and experience in knowing how to respond to the questions, what items to emphasize, and what items to de-emphasize.  View the checklist.

Please contact Gary Porter for your association tax exemption services.  We serve associations nationwide.

Background information on Gary Porter, CPA

Gary Porter, CPA is licensed by the California Board of Accountancy and the Nevada Board of Accountancy.  His CPA practice is limited to Common Interest Realty Associations, including homeowners associations, condominium associations, timeshare associations, fractional ownership associations, and condo hotel associations.  Mr. Porter is the co-author of the PPC (Practitioners Publishing Company) Guide to Homeowners Associations and Other Common Interest Realty Associations, and Homeowners Association Tax Library.  He is also the author of more than 300 published articles on financial matters related to homeowners associations.  He has been working with homeowners associations since 1976